Hans Furer was born on 05.05.1955 in Biel (Switzerland). In 1983 he graduated with a PhD in Law. Since 1988 he has run a legal practice (Attorneys at Law: www.furerkarrer.ch), which has a particular interest in the issues that arise in the workplace, in marriage and inheritance law, in art law, and in the legal intricacies of foundations and associations. In the art world Hans Furer was Secretary of the Verband Schweizer Galerien from 1995 to 2010; in addition he has also brought his skills to bear for the Stiftung Im Obersteg (since 2001), the Freunde des Kunstmuseums und des Museums für Gegenwartskunst Basel (since 1998), and for the foundation Art for Tropical Forests (since 2002) set up by Ernst Beyeler. For decades he has also been politically active as a member and then president of a school board (1980 – 91), as a lobbyist in Bern (1994 – 2010), as a Board Member of Travail Suisse (2001 – 07), and since 2011 as Baselbieter Landrat (www.hansfurer.ch). During this time he has also actively championed the cause of workers’ rights. All his life Hans Furer has drawn and painted: his first oil painting dates to 1971. He moved into his first studio in 1975. A detailed biography is contained in the book Zeit (2001).

Atelier / Studio Dreispitz 
Basel, 15.6.2012
Foto: Kurt Wyss