Hans Furer (born 1955 in Biel, Switzerland) first started to paint seriously in Basel in 1971. This soon became an intense interest, which he has continued to pursue to this day, despite his professional commitments as a full-time attorny at law and his numerous cultural and political activities. Over the decades he has produced an oeuvre of around 800 paintings, 10,000 drawings, and large numbers of watercolors and linocuts. The wide range of Hans Furer’s artistic activities and his concentrated engagement with different artistic techniques—especially the medium of painting—are presented and made accessible to a wider public in this catalogue raisonné. In a conversation with Claudia Jolles, Hans Furer provides a glimpse of the processes by which his works come about and an insight into his thinking on art and his interaction with other artists

Atelier / Studio Dreispitz 
Basel, 15.6.2012
Foto: Kurt Wyss